l Several Dead in Shooting at a Newspaper Office in Maryland - BYU-I Scroll

At least five people have been declared dead and at least three people were injured in a shooting on Thursday, June 28 in the Capital Gazelle office.

Police came to the scene within minutes, according to several sources reporting on the incident.

County Executive, Steven R. Schuh, spoke a few words to the press about the small details that they know about the shooting thus far.

“There are several people that have died and several people who have been injured,” Schuh said. “Those how have been injured have been sent to the medical center. The shooter is in custody and interrogated at this time.”

According to a live CBSN broadcast, the shooter is a white male in his twenties and has not been cooperating in revealing his identity. He tried hiding his identify by damaging his fingertips.

At the time of the shooting, Phil Davis, court/crime reporter at Capital Gazelle, tweeted while in this office in Maryland.

More information is yet to come after they have evacuated all employees from the building and have overseen the rest of the crime scene.