Formerly held outside under the stadium steps in the spring and summer months, the newly renovated John W. Hart Auditorium provides a warm place for students to sing together.

Students gather on Sunday nights throughout the semester, often inviting friends and newcomers.

Stadium Singing has been a part of BYU-Idaho for years and provides a fun atmosphere for singers, new and old.

Jozalyn Bryce, a sophomore studying nursing pre-licensure, has been participating in Stadium Singing for a little over four semesters. Bryce has been involved primarily with conducting Stadium Singing throughout her time in Rexburg.

“I’ve always loved to perform and loved music,” Bryce said. “Putting both music and performing together has been a blessing, especially with the spiritual aspect. My favorite part is seeing everyone come together through the Spirit and get a good jump start to the week.”

Close friend and fellow chorister on stage, Savannah Carbutt, has been attending Stadium Singing for two semesters. Carbutt reflects on some of her favorite memories and why she comes out each week.

“Hearing roughly 700 people sing happy birthday; it was cool even though they called me Samantha instead of Savannah,” Carbutt said. “Afterward, we sang ‘Press Forward Saints’ which was so powerful. The Spirit here is unmatched — you can’t find it anywhere else. It’s very unique to BYU-Idaho.”

Amongst others who sing weekly are Aubrey Vial, a junior studying nursing and her roommate Addie Newell, a senior studying data science. Vial has been attending for the last five semesters along with Newell.

“Singing ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ together was a great experience,” Vial said. “You could feel people singing with their hearts.”

Stadium Singing has been a constant through the semesters here at BYU-I. Weekly information, including the list of songs and a link to suggest songs, can be found on their Instagram.

Spanish Stadium Singing is at 8 p.m. followed by English at 8:45 p.m., both last thirty minutes. Anyone is welcome to attend.

“I really feel the spirit through music,” Newell said. “People share their testimonies through music and it’s amazing to come together.”