Students noted a special spirit today at President Alvin F. Meredith’s inauguration as apostles and leaders in Christ’s restored church addressed the students of BYU-Idaho.

Between the invocation, introductions and apostolic remarks, BYU-I’s combined choir and Symphony Orchestra performed a variety of musical numbers.

Ashley Davis, a member of the women’s chorus, said that it felt like there were angels singing with them during the last song, “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing.”

After rehearsing for the first time all together the day before the inauguration, BYU-I’s combined choirs performed three pieces along the Symphony Orchestra.

“The magic really goes together when you put the orchestra together with the singing,” said Steven Peabody, a freshman studying vocal performance. “It really makes it super lively.”

For many of the musicians, music is a way to share their testimonies and express their faith.

Emma Marble waiting in line to visit President Meredith after performing at the inauguration

Emma Marble waiting in line to visit President Meredith after performing at the inauguration Photo credit: Spencer Driggs

“I can be really shy about sharing my testimony through words, but when I get up there, it’s all right there and I love being able to do that,” said Shylee Nielson, a junior studying music education.

Many audience members commented on the Spirit the choirs and symphonies brought.

“I think music is one of the strongest ways, at least in my life, that I can feel the Spirit,” said Brayden Hahn, a sophomore in the symphony orchestra studying business management. “When you speak it with words, some people can take it different ways, but music is pretty straightforward with how the Spirit speaks.”

The students who performed said they could feel President Meredith’s love and enthusiasm during the inauguration.

“He constantly was turning around and looking at us and smiling huge,” Nielson said.