“When you are considering where to continue your education, will you talk to someone who has been to BYU–Idaho?”

That was the invitation newly called BYU-I President Alvin F. Meredith III gave youth at a CES devotional in Las Vegas on Aug. 17.

President Meredith joined Church Commissioner of Education Clark G. Gilbert and BYU President Shane Reese at the first of three devotionals the trio will provide for prospective college students.

Less than a month into their tenure at the Rexburg campus, President Meredith and his wife, Jennifer, only had positive reviews to offer the youth.

“BYU–Idaho is one of the best-kept secrets in the Church and truly in higher education,” Sister Meredith said.

The couple gave the audience five reasons students love BYU-I.

1. BYU-I is a disciple-preparation center

President Meredith drew from Elder David A. Bednar’s address titled BYU-Idaho: A Disciple Preparation Center when he said that students here have “unparalleled spiritual resources” to help them grow and strengthen their faith in Christ.

These resources include a variety of religion classes, weekly Devotional, Devotional Discussion Boards and Home Evening.

2. BYU-I is teaching-focused

President Meredith explained that BYU-I professors and instructors care about each of their student’s success. Class sizes are intentionally small, averaging about 31 students. President Meredith said that the class sizes help students find answers to their questions and receive more direct help.

3. BYU-I believes in the potential of every student

President Meredith said that small class sizes, free tutoring, free student mentoring, student-focused teachers and other BYU-I resources make the school a great fit for any student. The many resources give each student the opportunity to thrive in their education.

President Meredith shared a devotional for prospective students and their families in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday. Image credit: Ian Maule, Deseret News.

4. BYU-I provides high-value education

BYU-I students get a high-quality education for a small price. In his address, President Meredith said that BYU-Idaho is about half the tuition of other Idaho schools. He also mentioned the numerous financial aid, scholarship opportunities and student jobs the campus offers.

5. BYU-I has a strong focus on employability

“We really do take everyday students who go on to do extraordinary things,” Sister Meredith said according to Church Newsroom.

Around 95% of BYU-I graduates are employed within the first year of graduating.

President Meredith will participate in two additional devotionals like the one held in Las Vegas. On Oct. 29, President Meredith will visit Boise to talk about the importance of education and more specifically, why prospective students should consider BYU-I. He will speak again on Dec. 10 in Idaho Falls.

“The presidents that we have across CES are individuals deeply aligned and committed to prophetic guidance, which gives me confidence that the future of Church education is incredibly bright,” Elder Gilbert said in the devotional according to Church Newsroom.