1. “Set” yourself up at volleyball

“My husband and I met a little over a year now,” said Maren Zamarripa, a junior getting an associates in physical therapist assistant. “I was playing volleyball with my friends and he just came over and joined to get some exercise. I thought he was cute at first, and apparently he thought the same, because we ended up talking and finding out that we had a lot in common.”

2. Swing into romance at country dancing

Zamarripa said she and her soon-to-be-husband reconnected at country dancing about two months later, and she decided she wanted to date him. She said dancing works really well for meeting people because you are able to connect through your interest in the same activity and see how they learn and work with you.

Zamarripa said she knows four or five friends who met at country dancing who are now married.

“It is really cool to see them happy,” Zamarripa said. “It’s good to get to know more about them through similar activities besides relying on the fact that they are cute.”

3. Make that special connection at Get Connected

“We met through Get Connected,” said Morgan Christy, a junior majoring in interdisciplinary studies. “I was a mentor and he was a mentee.”

Christy said her advice would be to be outgoing, talk to people and try to get to know fellow students at Get Connected.

4. Get swept off your feet at Latin dancing

Estefany Bernuy, a senior studying social work, said she met her husband during Latin dancing, where students get together every Friday night at 8 p.m. to learn dances like the salsa, the tango and the bachata.

“I started going to Latin dancing every Friday and my now-husband was an instructor,” Bernuy said. “He would ask me to dance with him often, then eventually he asked me out on a date.”

Bernuy suggested to be open-minded because the people you meet might surprise you.

5. Take a hike with Mr. Right through the OLC

“My wife was in my ward originally and I had only talked to her once,” said Steven Offut, a sophomore studying communication. “I was working for the Outdoor Learning Center, and I invited her to help volunteer for that. She came every week, and we were able to get to know each other there.”

Offut said they talked more at the OLC rather than at church, because at church there tend to be a lot more people, which makes it hard to connect. He suggested going to activities where you do something you will enjoy because you will likely meet people who like the same things.

6. Skate for a date

Michael Jung, a senior studying exercise physiology, said he went roller skating for Home Evening and saw a friend teaching Jung’s future girlfriend how to skate backwards. He took that as an opportunity to meet her.

“It’s kind of funny because she didn’t know she was in my ward,” Jung said. “We both came back the next week hoping that we would both be there, and the rest is history.”