Written by Bryanna Willis.

When you want to follow the rules and do what needs to be done, but sometimes you just don’t know all of them! Here are a few less well-known facts about BYU-Idaho campus that you might find helpful.

You are planning a Family Home Evening group. Something that many people do is decide to play games on campus and in the buildings. Many games such as sardines, or hide and go seek.

1. You can’t play games on campus.

While this may sound fun, playing games in the buildings on campus is actually discouraged. The reasoning behind this? These buildings are dedicated.

Mormon News Room defines a dedication as including, “a special prayer designating the building for Church use and asking God to bless the structure and grounds.”

And in the Family Home Evening manual, it teaches parents to act differently in church buildings, to not take part in disrespectful conduct or to play games in these building.

Unless the games are ones that have been organized. Buildings on BYU-Idaho campus have been dedicated. So even though it might be fun, try and find a different activity.

2. Approved exercise clothing is only allowed in the gym.

Katya Palchykova, a sophomore majoring in software engineering, and Matt Nelson, a senior majoring in machanical engineering walk out of the Hart building in their BYU-I approved exercise clothes after playing a game of wallyball.

It may also be tempting to wear your approved exercise clothing on campus or on your way to or from the gym. But please note that this is also not acceptable.

Shorts of any kind are not allowed on campus. You can wear long sweatpants on your way to the gym, but not anywhere else on campus.

3. Counseling is free.

The counseling centers offers free counseling for students.

Along with free tutoring, BYU-I offers free counseling services.

At the counseling center, you can schedule your appointment to get help for yourself, help to know how to help a friend or you can even read suggestions on keeping yourself healthy.

“I think that is pretty great, that allows students who need it to get the help that they need especially since they cannot afford clinical professionals,” Chris Yates, a sophomore studying biology, said.

4. Free popcorn in the Ricks building after 3 p.m.

You heard me right, if you are needing a little pick-me-up, run on down and get some of that good stuff!

5. Affordable fresh flowers are located in the Benson Building room 144.

The bloom room offers self-checkout and students can purchase cut flowers, arrangements, wraps, and event pieces.

At the Bloomroom, you can get a beautiful arraignment of flowers or get your own single cuts.

6. The University store offers free and discounted software downloads.

Visiting the University Store webpage you can click on the tab that says “technology” then “downloads.” Where Microsoft Office 365 can be downloaded for free.

This page also has a link to the site “OnTheHub” which offers free or discounted software for students. Software offered here includes Adobe Creative Cloud, SPSS, Minitab and more.