Because of the quagga mussels discovered in the Snake River on Sep. 19, Idaho Fish and Game will close access to the river in the Magic Valley region until further notice.

The closure starts at Shoshone Falls and goes to the Highway 46 bridge and will affect nine Idaho Fish and Game properties.

This closure will impact the waterfowl hunting opportunity happening this weekend and consequently, hunters and anglers are encouraged to find other areas to hunt and fish until the problem is resolved.

The closure won’t affect land activities, but “(it) will have an immediate impact on hunters and anglers who typically access the Snake River on department-owned properties to hunt waterfowl or who fish the river,” said John Guthrie, manager of the Niagara Springs Wildlife Management Area.

The closure will allow the State Department of Agriculture to examine the threat and put an end to the spread of the larvae.

The department needs to act quickly since the invasive species populate and spread, it might cause a problem to the habitat of the area affecting fish and wildlife populations.

To learn more about the closure and the invasive larvae, visit the Idaho Official Government website.