Sock Hop takes the term ‘socks’ literally


No shoes, no service is not the case for the coming “Sock Hop” dance this Friday, March 22.
According to the dance committee, “This dance was created by current BYU-Idaho students who wanted to dance in socks without being tied down to the decade theme. Here at BYU-Idaho we students don’t have many opportunities to take our shoes off on campus; the idea is to give students the chance to come dance in a fun, casual environment.”
Kaloni Jensen, a sophomore majoring in home and family studies, is one of the event managers for the “Sock Hop.”
Jensen said the event won’t be a typical 1950s decades dance. Rather, the event will include several types of dance including Latin, swing, ballroom and country, as well as top 40s hits.
“We decided the opportunity to dance without our socks is fun, but we wanted to do something more modern; not a decades dance,” Jensen said.
Chelsea Jackson, a junior studying humanities, has also played a part in putting the event together. She said her role has been to come with the competitions.
Jackson said some of the competitions included will be the craziest socks, the cutest cole and a dance off.
“The dance off will combine the dance styles of swing, Latin, ballroom and country. We will see how maybe a ballroom cole could dance to a country song and how a country cole could dance to a Latin song,” Jackson said.
Jensen said the committee is planning on playing games, holding competitions, providing food, awarding prizes and having a great DJ for Friday’s “sock hop” event.
Though crazy socks are the preferred choice of footwear, shoes may be worn if desired, according to the BYU-Idaho website.
The dance will take place on March 22 in the Hinckley Gym and will last from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Admission to the event costs $1 with an I-Card and $2 without.