SodaVine held a ribbon cutting for the opening of its second location in Rexburg at noon on Tuesday.

SodaVine celebrated the opening of their SodaVine west location by offering free 16-ounce drinks, popcorn and samples of their signature ‘scotcheroo’ and rice crispy treats. They also had a prize wheel where attendees could win free drinks, stickers, T-shirts and other merchandise.

SodaVine is a local business that is owned and operated by Robyn and Eric Eastin. The first location opened in 2014 and is located at 50 S. Second W. in Rexburg, and continues to be a popular option among the area’s soda shops today.

The 50’s themed pop shop menu offers different soda and juice mixes, hot drinks and ice cream-based products such as milkshakes and gelati. They also offer a variety of treats ranging from savory flavored pretzels to sweet cookies and bars.

Many of the drinks SodaVine offers are named after the Eastin’s loved ones. This includes the Rockin’ Robyn — a 7-Up-based drink with pomegranate, coconut and fresh lime — which was named after Robyn Eastin herself.

Robyn Eastin was a teacher at Madison High School for almost 30 years and says SodaVine was born out of her dream to help her students.

I ​had ​students ​that ​would ​come ​into ​class ​and ​say ​they ​needed ​a ​job ​and ​if ​I ​knew ​of ​anywhere ​that ​needed ​workers,” Robyn Eastin said. “​I ​just ​felt ​bad ​that ​couldn’t ​hire ​them … I ​taught ​culinary ​arts ​and ​foods ​and ​nutrition, ​and ​I ​wanted ​(my students) ​to ​have ​a ​real-life ​experience ​to ​come ​into ​the ​store ​and ​see ​what ​it ​means ​when ​I ​teach ​serve safe, customer ​skills ​and ​stuff like ​that. ​So, ​I ​just ​wanted ​to ​teach ​them ​some ​real-life ​skills ​so ​they ​could ​be ​successful.”

Since then, the Eastin’s dream has continued to grow. In addition to the two locations in Rexburg, SodaVine has a third location in St. Anthony. They also opened a shop in Island Park called Soda Co. that serves similar soda mixes named after local attractions.

Robyn Eastin shared that they hope the new location will help bring business and fun to the west side of Rexburg. In the future, they hope to bring local food trucks to the property and host events for the community.

I’m ​just ​passionate ​about ​having ​fun ​and ​serving ​the ​community ​and ​providing ​work,” Robyn Eastin said. “​I ​enjoy ​knowing ​that ​I ​can ​help ​someone, and with ​this ​venue, I ​can ​also ​help ​raise ​money ​for ​a ​cause. That’s ​what ​really ​drives ​me, ​is ​my ​passion ​for ​all ​of ​that.”

SodaVine west is located 95 N. 12th W. in Rexburg, near Mother Hibbard’s Country Store. The drive-thru will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday and is closed on Sunday.

To find more information or updates about the new location, visit the SodaVine Facebook page.