SodaVine, a Rexburg staple for 13 years, is now Fixxology, a snack and soda shop, located at 50 South 2nd West and 95 North 12th West.

Fixxology offers, “a broad range of products, including custom soda, cookies, popcorn, ‘Mad Dogs’, hot dogs, nachos, soft pretzels, chips & salsa, Italian ice, custard and gelatis,” according to the Fixxology website.

SodaVine customers are still be able to get their favorite customized drinks, they just need to know the ingredients, according to Becca Madsen, the owner of Fixxology.

Entrance to SodaVine.

Entrance to SodaVine. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

Becca and her husband started Fixxology nine years ago and began franchising in 2021.

The Madsens are from southeast Idaho and began their business a few years following SodaVine’s opening, down the road in Rigby.

“A lot of people think we’re just a soda shop,” Madsen said.

The “Mad dog” is one of Fixxology’s specials. It is a hot dog with banana peppers, crunched up Lay’s potato chips and a sweet sauce unique to Fixxology.

“It’s kind of a strange concoction, but it just works,” Madsen said.

SodaVine changes ownership after 10 years in Rexburg.

SodaVine changes ownership after 10 years in Rexburg. Photo credit: Cat Menlove

Fixxology carries the same pretzels as SodaVine, but new items available to customers are fresh salsa, made in house, and movie theatre popcorn for $2 a bucket.

It will take several weeks for the complete change, according to Madsen.

Fixxology has nine other locations outside of Rexburg in Ammon, Idaho Falls, Mesquite, Pocatello, Rigby, Ririe, St. Anthony, Sugar City and Vidor.

“You’re still going to get a really fun happy vibe when you come,” Madsen said.

For more information about Fixxology and to view their menu visit their website here.