The Anderson Hicks Group‘s fourth annual treasure hunt began on Friday. This year’s prize contains a $5,000 check and other awards, according to their website.

The treasure hunt spans all of Southeastern Idaho — it reaches up to Island Park, captures Craters of the Moon National Park and dips below Pocatello.

A map highlighting Eastern Idaho — it touches Island Park and reaches all the way past Pocatello. Image credit: Anderson Hicks Group’s website.

The hunt began with a riddle:

Participants can find clues about where the treasure is hidden in this riddle. Image credit: Anderson Hicks Group’s website.

Each Friday, until the treasure is found, a clue will be revealed. Treasure hunters can find the riddle and clues on the Anderson Hicks Group websiteInstagram or Facebook.

The Anderson Hicks Group has shared a small list of rules that participants must follow: safety first, keep it public, no shovels needed, respect nature and have fun. A more detailed description of each rule can be found on the company’s website.

In honor of the fourth rule, respect nature, the Anderson Hicks Group has also offered $100 to the treasure hunter who picks up the most trash. To enter this contest, share a picture of the trash collected on social media and tag the Anderson Hicks Group.

The Anderson Hicks Group has teamed up with 12 different local businesses to sponsor this event. A full list of the sponsors can be found on the company’s social media and website.

Participants are encouraged to share their treasure-hunting journey on social media.

The Anderson Hicks Group is a real estate team based in Idaho Falls.