The Spartans dominated the Hawks in the BYU-Idaho competitive football championship June 29.

The Spartans warming up ahead of Thursday’s game. Video credit: Dallin Jenkins.

The Hawks came onto the field more energized than the Spartans, but that shifted when the Spartans forced a fumble and recovered it on the third play of the game.

The Hawks warming up ahead of Thursday’s game. Video credit: Dallin Jenkins.

After a few back-and-forth punts, the Spartans scored first with a rushing touchdown.

The Hawks threw the first interception of the game which led to the Spartans scoring again with a designed quarterback run.

Turnovers seemed to be a problem for the Hawks, throwing four interceptions and giving up one fumble. The Spartans, on the other hand, only gave up two turnovers— one fumble and one turnover on downs.

After two more touchdown completions and one more rushing touchdown, the Spartans had a 34-0 lead at halftime.

The Hawks scored first in the second half with a 55-yard touchdown completion.

The momentum quickly shifted back to the Spartans, however, after a 55-yard touchdown completion.

After two more interceptions thrown by the Hawks and one more rushing touchdown by the Spartans, the game came to an end with the Spartans’ dominance showing on the scoreboard. 

Final score: Spartans 48, Hawks 6.

Although the championship outcome was much different than they wanted, the Hawks did achieve unity on the team.

“Throughout the season, the team has really stepped up for one another by allowing themselves to learn different positions and skills that they are not accustomed to using on the field,” said Ex Ondongo-Equebat, the Hawks’ defensive coach. “This has unified each person on the team through trust and understanding.”