The Freedom Rally, an event to inspire young people to involve themselves in politics, came to Rexburg Tuesday, Feb. 6, at The Romance Theater.

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, both conservative youth activists, spoke at the event alongside Idaho Govoner candidate Tommy Ahlquist.

Kirk and Owens shared with the audience of mostly BYU-Idaho students how to make the world a better place while becoming politically literate.

“One of the things they can start doing immediately is having more serious conversations with their professors,” Owens said. “I was a student that would always try to challenge my professors in class. I would even be challenging my professors offering a different perspective to students who surrounded me.”

Owens shared the importance of following their own values and that the university is a place to learn about ideas different than your own.

A member of the audience shared his story of growing up in government subsidized housing and asked the speakers how to overcome poverty related challenges.

Kirk then asked the individual if he graduated high school, got married before having kids and obtained employment.

“It wasn’t by luck my friend you got out of poverty,” said Kirk “It was by your choices.”

Kirk said that the best way for a student to make a change in the world is by their choices and actions.

“There are two things you can control in this world,” Kirk said. “How hard you work and how well you treat people. Everything else is external. How hard you commit to something and how much good you put in the world.”

Both Owens and Kirk invited the students to ask questions and stand for freedom while making the world a better place.

“If people said I will work harder tomorrow than I did today and I’m going to be a better person than I was today, then the world be such a better place,” Kirk said. “It would be hard to quantify.”

Kirk has been the center of controversy in the media after founding Turning Point USA, a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate students on the ideas of freedom, free markets and limited government.

Last week, Kirk spoke at Colorado State University with a speech titled Smashing Socialism, leading to widespread protest across the campus.

According to The Rocky Mountain Collegian, law enforcement in riot gear was dispatched to keep the peace. Violence broke out shortly after so-called white supremacists yelled ‘blood and soil.’ No arrests were made.

There were a handful of dissenters outside the event in Rexburg, however, they were dispersed shortly after the event began.