On Tuesday, Oct. 31, one could walk into the MC and notice Thor, fairies from Fairly OddParents and multiple takes of the many characters from Stranger Things. The spirit of Halloween was in the air.

Photos were taken by Jenna Schwarz, Frankie Canseco and Samantha Vanderwalker

Kansas Kaur, freshman studying electrical engineering

Maria-Jose Serafin Lopez, junior studying business management and Ricky Wilder, freshman studying business management

Alayna Hudson, junior studying Marriage and Family Studies.

Cafe Anderson, junior studying public health

Cody Peake, freshman studying exercise physiology

Noah Lee, freshman studying psychology and Deja Ebberts, sophomore studying psychology

Lacie Anne, senior studying a psychology

Megan Mayes, freshman studying Engish education

McKell Hancock, sophomore studying communication

Maddie Sanofsky, sophomore studying humanities

Hannah Sheldon, sophomore studying communication and Aurelia Noble a freshman studying art

Maichael Skaggs, sophomore studying communication

Amanda Atwood, sophomore studying biology

Jacob Wilkinson, freshman majoring in theater studies

Brittany Creutz, sophomore studying theater

Keith Gagnon, junior studying biology

Emily Haviland, sophomore studying elementary education