SpringFest hosted a student film festival on May 16 in the Hart Auditorium.

The videos ranged from emotional narratives of lost ones to corn maze horrors to giggle-worthy comedies. Students munched on popcorn, cookies and ice cream while watching the collection of short films.

Casey Cruz, director of spirit events on campus, and her Spirit Week council decided the film festival should be included in Spirit Week, making it a last-minute addition.

Cruz explained that a few council members have a film emphasis, and as part of that, the program features film festivals at the end of each semester.

Students wait in line for free popcorn.

Students wait in line for free popcorn. Photo credit: Frances Lay

“We wanted to host something that was more campus-wide, instead of targeted to one specific major,” Cruz said.

Cruz explained they received film submissions from as far as Africa, despite the details being finalized more recently.

During the festival, the films were put on one continuous track, and students sat in the dark auditorium to view their peers’ creativity.

The show offered viewers the chance to see some of the work that students have put into improving their filmmaking skills. Cutler Rust, a producer for BYU-Idaho, showcased his talents in the program.

The awards ceremony

The student film festival awards ceremony. Photo credit: Frances Lay

Rust had several films shown, including a heartfelt piece of a man losing his spouse, a short documentary featuring horseshoes and the farmers who treat them and a “High School Musical” inspired skit.

At the end of the night, there were several awards handed out and a chance for students to scan a QR code and vote for the audience choice award.

The Spirit Week council hopes to make this a recurring event during future spirit weeks. Follow the Spirit Week Instagram and check the I-Belong event page to learn more about activities like this.