The Idaho Falls Spud Kings wrap up their inaugural season this weekend with three games — one on the road and two at home.

The first game is Friday against the Odgen Mustangs at The Ice Sheet in Ogden, Utah. The Mustangs have clinched second place in the USPHL Mountain Division.

The Spud Kings return to Idaho Falls Saturday for back-to-back games against the Northern Colorado Eagles. The Eagles currently sit in third place in the division but could be passed by the Pueblo Bulls. The Eagles need one win to clinch their spot.

Although the Spud Kings are currently in last place in the division, there are several scenarios that would allow them to jump up a spot, passing the Provo Predators. Here are the possibilities:

— Spud Kings win all three games this weekend

— Predators lose both of their games this weekend and Spud Kings win at least one game

— Predators lose one game and Spud Kings win at least two

In the Mountain Division of the USPHL, every team makes the playoffs. The higher-seeded team get home ice throughout the entire series, so the only way for the Spud Kings to get a home game in the playoffs would be for them to pass the Predators in the standings and then play them in the finals. It’s not mathematically impossible, but it’s not likely.

It’s most likely that the Spud Kings play the Eagles in the playoffs, but it’s also possible that they play the Bulls.

Playoff games start the week ending March 6. The exact schedules are yet to be determined.

For more information on the USPHL playoffs, visit the league’s website. For standings, see the USPHL standings portion of the website.