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In life, many students have difficulties adjusting and dealing with their emotions, but that’s what Thrive — a program focusing on mental wellness — is for.

Depression is rampant throughout society. Luckily for students at BYU-Idaho, there is some help. Not only are there mental health services available, but BYU-I has the advantage of a homegrown positive counseling group called Thrive.

For college students that do not have proper emotional support, Thrive can be beneficial to their everyday lives.

“I have implemented a lot of the things we talk about, and it has totally changed my life here on campus with my mental health,” said Taylor Weitzel, a senior studying therapeutic recreation and one of the facilitators of the program.

Upon first glance, Thrive looks less like group therapy and more like a group of friends getting together. From their meeting place in the John W. Hart building, the Thrive group is broken down into smaller sections that take part in wellness activities.

“Last semester, I volunteered with Thrive for the first time,” said Will Hutchinson, a sophomore also studying therapeutic recreation. “I gained a lot of cool relationships with a lot of cool friends here on campus — got to help them have a better experience with college, learning a lot of cool coping skills and mental health skills with them.”

Thrive is a program that attests to being effective and engaging.

“There is a total difference from the beginning of the program … compared to the end,” Weitzel said. “Relationships are formed … they are really strong. People stay in contact after the program ends.”

If you are looking for the opportunity to meet some new people and work on improving your mental health, Thrive may be the place for you.


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