The Student Art Show has been on display in the Jacob Spori Art Gallery since June 29, giving students a chance to put their art pieces in display to be praised and judged by fellow students and faculty, both in person and during an awards ceremony.

Kathy Whitworth, office assistant in the Art Department, gave information on who judges the artwork and how the Student Art Show came to be.

Q: What is the idea behind the Student Art Show?

A: We have a Student Art Show every four semesters. It gives students an opportunity to compete and display their artwork and for their artwork to be seen by the general campus community.

Q: What were the steps in planning to make this show happen?

A: Kyoung Dabell from the gallery organizes this as the gallery curator. We invited students by email a month ago to submit their art pieces. It’s called a call to submission. They can submit up to four pieces, and there is a deadline they have to have them submitted by. Once the pieces are submitted, there are faculty members that go down and judge the show. They decide what pieces to include in the show and then they choose merit award winners and honorable mentions. Once that happens, Sister Dabell and her team in the gallery hang the show in the gallery and we have an opening night awards ceremony where the winners are announced. After that, the show was opened to the public. Sister Dabell has advertising posters that are hung around campus to invite students to come and see the gallery.

Q: Have the students gotten any praise or feedback on their displayed artwork?

A: I assume so. The award winners receive a letter of accommodation from the Art Department and a small cash award. But I am sure individual students that are in the show get feedback from other students and faculty members around campus.

Q: Would you say the Student Art Show has been a success overall?

A: I would think so. I know the students really enjoy participating in it and the faculty enjoy it. I think if no one else is happy about it on campus, at least they are and that is a good thing.

According to, the Student Art Gallery started on June 28 with the opening reception and awards presentation, opened to the public on June 29 and will close on July 19.