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Why do some students take time out of their schedules to play basketball?

Mason Giles, a freshman studying biology, has played basketball from a young age and found a way to incorporate it into his college life.

“I study better with a little bit of exercise, and it is a good way to get out and be social,” Giles said.

The same can be said for Kjersten Tatum, a sophomore studying public health.

“I love how the rest of the world just slips away,” Tatum said. “It gives me time to think and to stop worrying about everything and helps me to get exercise with joy.”

Tatum has played basketball since first grade and continues to find time to play while attending classes.

“Everyone should play basketball or be a part of a team,” Tatum said. “It really teaches you a lot of life lessons.”

One of the lessons Tatum talks about is hard work.

“In basketball, you have to got to practice, work and focus on the little things,” Tatum said. “In life, you have to work and keep trying for what you want.”

Multiple recreational sports teams are available through the school; basketball is just one of them. To find out more information on other sports, visit

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