Monday night, a Campus Home Evening event was held on campus with the theme “Share His Light.”

Student Connections hosts Campus Home Evening for all students every Monday night.

“We get to provide people, those who don’t have a family home evening environment at home, that environment. So then they can meet new people and have fun for just a few hours and make their week,” said Amaya Sanchez, a junior studying public health.

Campus Home Evening is held at the Crossroads in the MC on campus and is free for all who attend. Different activities and service projects are set up for anyone who would like to participate.

“(My favorite part) is for sure connecting people with Christ,” said Jayden Hocker, a freshman studying psychology.

One of the service tables.

One of the service tables. Photo credit: Mallory Safsten

Each event begins with a prayer and a spiritual thought led by a Student Connections employee. This is followed by the activity of the night.

There were three main activities coordinated for Monday night.

The first was decorating copies of the Book of Mormon, marking favorite scripture verses and writing a testimony on the inside. These copies of the Book of Mormon will be donated to the local missionaries.

The second was cutting out paper hearts and writing notes for people on them. The last was creating a spiritual vision board. Many supplies were provided for the projects, including markers, paint and paper.

The next Campus Home Evening will be Monday, from 7-9 p.m. with a theme of “Service Project Night.”