BYU-Idaho student, Kennedy Nash showcased screenwriting and fan-made art of “The Lunar Chronicles,” authored by Marissa Meyer, at the Senior Showcase on March 14.

Nash is majoring in communication with an emphasis in video production and a minor in illustration. She dedicated many hours to making story clips for her senior project.

“I want to take a book series I love and adapt it into a TV pilot with scripts and some story clips for it,” Nash said.

Her project is a storyboard accompanied by the characters Cinder and Kai.

Outline of Nash's script.

Outline of Nash's script. Photo credit: Ty Williams

Cinder and Kai are the main characters of “Cinder,” the first book in the Lunar Chronicles. It is a futuristic story about a gifted mechanic and a prince inspired by “Cinderella.” In the story, the girl leaves behind her foot instead of a shoe.

The story is set in a city called New Beijing in the Eastern Commonwealth. Nash spotlights her project by using transition arrows around the film moving in different angles and showing the different perspectives of the two main characters.

She was inspired by her time in Singapore and enjoys learning about the historical conflicts and differences between Asian countries.

“The very first pane is actually a Chinese lantern that shows the Chinese character for wanting good health which is pronounced ‘show,’ spelled ‘S-H-O-U,'” Nash said.

The main conflict of the story is that the city is in the middle of a plague.

Nash's Senior Showcase booth

Nash's Senior Showcase booth. Photo credit: Ty Williams

Nash enjoys designing details and projects on digital media. Her most recently completed project was rendering the character, Cinder.

She explained one drawing she has that displays the personality of the character.

“Because she is an introverted character and showing you lots of information throughout the story, I wanted to give her a very surprised expression,” Nash said. “And so I fully rendered that and turned that into a sketch.”