According to new enrollment reports for the Fall 2018 semester, student enrollment is at a new high for students attending BYU-Idaho. Reports from the university continue to show a steady uprise in student enrollment.

“Continued growth in enrollment can be attributed, in large part, to BYU-I’s unique educational emphasis. This includes: the teaching focus of its faculty, the opportunity to gather with other students who share common values, the university’s focus on real-world preparation, and the high-value educational experience offered. BYU-Idaho is student focused by design.” said Brett Crandall, Media Relations & Campus Communications Manager, in a press release.

During the Fall semester of 2017, BYU-I reported 19,399 students enrolled on campus. 4,255 of those students are either taking online courses or fulfilling internships away from campus.

According to the issued press release the campus body has increased about 4.3 percent from the fall of last year, while the online student body has increased 14.1 percent from fall of last year.

“We do expect to follow the same growth trends in the near future as we have experienced the past few years,” Crandall said.

Some students have felt the increase of students already this semester.

“I feel as if parking has been overcrowded this semester. Everywhere I go, it’s always difficult to find a good parking spot,” said Makai Hirai, a junior studying exercise physiology.