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Student registration can stress thousands on and off campus, but faculty and advising employees are constantly at work to make a better registration experience for all.

Registration for the Winter Semester 2019 begins Nov. 6, and with it comes many tasks for students and faculty to complete. Students decide what classes to take, and the faculty prepares the school’s website for the imminent traffic.

According to BYU-Idaho’s website, campus enrollment has increased by 4.3 percent, bringing the total students enrolled to 20,226 students. Online enrollment has also increased by 14 percent totaling 13,524 students.

With this number of students there comes a lot of preparation.

Lauri Arensmeyer, the school’s registrar and director for the student records and registration office, works with her team improving the overall student experience behind the scenes.

Arensmeyer works with a team comprising of 10 full-time employees in addition to about 70 student employees every semester. The student employees work to complete most transactions and find issues with the school’s website.

“We have a lot of busy times,” Arensmeyer said. “We never really have a slow time anymore.”

Arensmeyer also described new systems implemented to help make the registration process faster, such as an optical character recognition machine that scans transcripts. This makes it so employees don’t have to enter data in manually.

“We work tirelessly to improve and meet the imperatives of the university,” Arensmeyer said.

On the front lines, Hannah Jenkins, an academic advisor and junior studying elementary education, works to inform students on how to register and take some stress off themselves.

Many of the academic advisors, including Jenkins, have been taking the stand in The Crossroads to present their tips leading up to registration. Some of these tips include waking up early and clearing all holds on a student’s account.

Jenkins advises people to complete an approved Grad Plan, which outlines all of a student’s classes for all their semesters. By doing that a student won’t have to worry about what classes they should register for.

“The registration system is actually pretty cool, but I know how to use it,” Jenkins said.

Jenkins understands the registration system can seem clunky and overwhelming for those not familiar with it. Her best advice is for students to mess around with all the different components in the system.

Austin Wilson, a freshman studying welding engineering technology, gave his advice for students preparing to register.

“My best advice is to not procrastinate preparation, just get it done,” Wilson said.

The registration process might appear to be stressful and confusing, but many people are at work to make things go as smoothly as possible.

For any registration questions or concerns, visit the Student Records and Registration office or the Academic Advising Center.

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