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What better way to end a beautiful summer day than by running a midnight 5k. BYUI students began the race at the stadium, ran a lap around the track, raced around the outskirts of campus and back to the track for one final lap to finish it off.

Now students came dresses in their nerdiest, and brightest costumes.

“Yeah, my friends there just like dress like a nerd, you’re a mechanical engineer major and it’s a nerdy 5k so I’m good at that.”

“The theme was bright and nerdy, so I went with bright and nerdy. I wasn’t too bright obviously but I just threw it together.”

Now many students came out to the event, some with experience and others doing it for the first time.

“216 people, last year we had a lot, over 400 people. Some people train, and they train hard this time you can just dress and have a little more fun and stuff. Even people who are there to just walk and stuff. But talking to the people that go like wow I just ran 3.2 miles and stuff like that. The accomplishment that they made that in itself is pretty rewarding.”

Some runners talked about their experience during the race.

“It was hard, it’s the first one I’ve ever done. It was hard especially that first leg because its all hill.”

“I actually did, I did a cole before like St. Patricks day one and this is the third one I think. It was great. I keep improving a lot. Its like we are always working towards the temple, cause that’s like the hardest thing, its funny like in life, but after that its not as hard.”

From the Stadium this is Emily Sloan, Scroll Digital



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