The Fit4Life program offers endless opportunity for students to learn and grow in their fitness goals. Anyone is able to join the program, no matter what age or fitness level. Fit4Life provides students the resources necessary for developing good habits of healthy living.

BYU-Idaho participants of the program are each assigned a Fitness Coach and personal trainer to help students set goals and reach their full potential. Students receive a nutrition consultant and trainers with full access to the fitness equipment on campus.

At the beginning of the program, students meet with wellness coaches and are tested to see what goals and nutrition plans can be made. From there, students are given customized workouts that fit their fitness level and fit their needs.

Throughout the semester, “Wellness Workshops” are also provided for students each month, where students can meet together to receive more information on mental/physical wellness. Students are given the opportunity to grow and learn in what it takes to make healthy lifestyle choices.

“It’s a break from school and helps relief stress and I am getting healthy in the process,” said Ian Alred, a junior studying exercise physiology.

Giselle Lammi, a senior studying special education and a student involved in the health and fitness program said she feels like the Fit4Life program offers a safe environment.