Written by Madison Weaver.

Fourteen hours ago, Austin Blair posted a video on Facebook.

As of 2:30 p.m. today, the video, “Terror in the Testing Center,” amassed 8,500 views and was shared 106 times on Facebook.

Blair is a senior studying communication who recently switched his emphasis to video. The video features him as a student going to take a test, but the Testing Center is presented as a house of horrors.

“We love you testing center…but this is how we all feel about you,” Blair captioned the video on his Facebook page.

He tagged Riza Stevens, Austin Hastings, Jordan Stevens and Tyson Beckley – all students who helped create the video.

“The idea is a comical conceptualization of the Testing Center experience,” Jordan Stevens said. “The despair we all feel from taking tests, especially when we are unprepared, is what sparked this frightful piece.”

Austin Blair directed and wrote the video. Jordan Stevens was the director of photography. Both Blair and Jordan Stevens edited the video. Riza Stevens and Austin Blair are credited as “fog machine specialists.”

Blair said he came up with the concept for the video a couple of years ago but decided to put it into action this semester.

“I think I just came up with it while it was in the Testing Center,” Blair said. “It was just kind of how I was actually feeling.”

Blair said Seth Deming, Testing Center Director, gave the students permission to use the Testing Center on one night during Thanksgiving break. Blair said Campus Security let them in after they received approval from Deming.

Blair and Jordan Stevens said they are happy people enjoy the video.

“It was a goal to make people laugh and scare them at the same time, so it’s been fun to see that happening through the reaction we’re getting,” Jordan Stevens said.

The cast of students who appeared in the interview includes Austin Blair as a male student who braves the haunted testing center. Austin Hastings has multiple roles including panicked student, scary worker, the Shadow Proctor and the pleasant worker. Riza Stevens was the female student in the video.