Colorful helium balloons, along with red, white and pink hot air balloons and clouds hanging from the ceiling, created a heavenly atmosphere. Hundreds of people danced together on Valentine’s Day evening.

Hearts were planted everywhere to illustrate what kind of day it was.

The yearly Valentine’s Dance “Dancing Through Clouds” which has been a tradition for decades, took place again. The event was from 8-11 p.m. in the Hyrum Manwaring Student Center.

Students in line to get into the 360° Photo Booth

Students in line to get into the 360° photo booth. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

Tickets were $10 per couple and $7 for a single ticket. Outside of the ballroom, people could find a photo booth that was sky-themed, a 360° video booth and a quieter place for conversations.

People also had the opportunity to play card games, write Valentine’s cards and eat refreshments. A DJ provided music and stage lights that got the crowd moving.

Approximately 800 students attended the dance all dressed in dresses and suits, excited to have a fun time. Only about 450 people purchased tickets ahead of time and the rest of the tickets were sold at the event itself.

First couples arrive at the dance

First couples arrive at the dance. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

Renee Christensen is the head event planner of big-scale events at BYU-Idaho and is in charge of planning events such as the Valentine’s Dance. I-Night and First Friday are other examples of events she has planned.

Depending on the semester, around five big events are happening where students get to have an opportunity to have a fun night without paying a lot for it. In between big events, there are weekly smaller events like Country, Latin and Ballroom Dancing, as well as Game Nights and I-Serve Nights.

Set up for the quieter space

Set up for the quieter space. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

“(We put these events on) for the students to get engaged in campus and connected to campus and just show how much we appreciate them, love them and that we are grateful that they are here,” Christensen said.

Maddie Mauia was the DJ at the event. Her favorite part of the night was playing line dance songs because they were a hit with “Cupid Shuffle” being the most successful song of the night.

Maddie Mauia - the DJ of the night

Maddie Mauia, the DJ of the night. Photo credit: Victoria Skalec

“There was high energy, and the dance was so awesome because we just had a great group of people there. BYU-I was ready to party,” Mauia said.

Melanie Tree was one of the dance attendees. She attended at first by herself because she wanted to dress up nicely and have fun.

“I loved the DJ! She was really funny and played a lot of good songs once everyone was in the dance room,” Tree said. “I loved how friendly everyone was and taught me a lot about swing dances I have never learned before.”

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