Scroll Broadcast wanted to hear from students about their experiences with housing in Rexburg.

While talking with several different students, the interview consisted of three questions:

— What was your worst experience with housing in Rexburg?
— What was your best experience with housing in Rexburg?
— What advice do you have for someone trying to improve their situation?

Single students are required to live in approved housing where apartment complexes have less competition for residents. This leads to some complicated stories of difficult roommates and complexes.

Mitchell Bower, a junior studying software engineering, relates his experience of having to move out of his apartment for weeks while he waited for management to fix the fire-flood combo which made it uninhabitable.

“My worst experience with Rexburg housing was probably when there was an electrical failure in an upper apartment room and there ended up being a fire and at the same time a simultaneous water pipe broke,” Bower said.

Camille Day, a freshman majoring in elementary education, talked about her best experiences with her roommates.

“When I’m spending time with my roommates and we’re hanging out together,” Day said.

College is a challenging time full of change and wildly new experiences, but a good rooming situation can make it a lot easier. Bryce Evans, a freshman studying electrical engineering, counseled students who may have similar troubles.

“Don’t live out of the suitcase for the entire semester, make it feel like home. You’ll be able to enjoy the spirit more,” Evans said.