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A crowd of students waited in the halls of the third floor of the Hyrum Manwaring Center on Nov. 7. The students waited their turn to audition for the Broadway Revue performance coming Nov 16. put on by Student Activities.

The show consists of many aspiring vocalists that will be performing numbers from Broadway favorites to Disney show tunes that have inspired many.

Logan Lindholm, a sophomore majoring in theatre education, has been managing the performance for two semesters. He first became involved in the show after participating with a Broadway song in Spring 2017.

“I really like to see the whole process come together. Seeing all the hard work that my team and myself have done and the performers have done,” Lindholm said, “Seeing it get on stage is what really makes me proud.”

The emcee for the night will be done by Kendra Brown, a sophomore studying theatre education. “I am looking forward to those who attend to have the same realization I did; we have so much talent here at BYU-I. I’m also excited to be emceeing the event.” Brown said.

Brown had the opportunity to sit in during the auditions and help with the music. It is her first experience working with the event. Brown said she was in a class with Logan Lindholm, the manager, and asked to come watch the auditions.

The students put time and hard work into their performances for their fellow students to witness.

“So far my favorite part was seeing so many students conquering their fears and getting up there and singing.” Brown said.

The student vocalists will be performing their pieces at the Broadway Revue performance on Nov 16 at 7 p.m. in the Oscar A. Kirkham auditorium. According to the master calendar tickets are $2 and can be purchased at the door.

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