Many students at BYU-Idaho are not aware of the variety of facilities available on campus. Certain resources are underutilized due to a lack of knowledge. One of these resources includes the school greenhouses and the plant store.

BYU-I students, Mary Beth Lee and Cody Roberts, are managers and co-workers at the Horticulture Greenhouses.

Every greenhouse has a specific role and list of plants depending on a student’s major. For example, the greenhouse that both Lee and Roberts are working at is the horticulture greenhouse as this is Roberts’ major. Lee, a senior studying art, has taken up the role as manager of the Horticulture Greenhouses.


Roberts, a senior studying horticulture, is also an overseer of the projects that take place in the greenhouse. They both maintain the plants and check that everything is set up nicely.

One of their main concerns is the plant store, which is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays. The students look after it and sell their plants to other students, faculty and visitors. The plants they sell consist of student bred plants. This allows the students to sell what they have made for their projects. The money made from the shop helps pays for the soil, the pots and their other needs.


“A lot of changes happen in the store, as the classes that look over the shop change every semester,” Lee said.



The students’ projects are kept in a room and maintained by the students but checked by the managers. This allows freedom for the students’ projects, and their plants’ health determines their grades.

They both help run the orchard and make sure that it is maintained. One of the many jobs Roberts has is pruning the orchard trees. This helps prepare it for the upcoming spring. It can be tedious but it is an important job as it helps the trees provide more fruit.

Lee grew up on a farm. Gardening and maintaining plants are natural to her. She grew up taking care of the apple trees, as her parents were unable to work on them. “I just hated seeing wasted apples,” Lee said as she reminisced good times.

Roberts said, “We just do anything that we can for students and even visitors to get involved in plants and how it can be a huge benefit.” Their roles focus on helping keep the greenhouse in shape and take care of the gardens. They are both passionate and enjoy working in the greenhouse.