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Full-Time Student, Part Time Firefighter Jordan Hoch

Being a full-time student can be tough, but one student decided he wanted to do more to help those around him; become a firefighter.


“It’s nice to help someone,” said Jordan Hoch, a Junior studying exercise physiology, from Whidbey Island, Washington.

Hoch has been working on-call at the Madison Fire Department since January of this year.

“I hate desk jobs,” Hoch said.


He comes in anytime a second fire truck is needed, which usually means there is a more serious fire.

“I like how everyday is different… it makes it interesting,” Hoch said.

Hoch puts on over 50 pounds of equipment and uniform every time he gets a call from the station. “It’s heavy and hot,” Hoch said.


He is hoping to be EMT-certified by the end of October, so he can help with the ambulance side of the fire station.

The craziest calls Hoch has received would be for a car hitting a moose or a cow. Other than that, his calls usually involve minimal intensity.

In the future, Hoch still wants to be involved in the rescue and medical field.

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