“I’ve always liked taking pictures growing up on my phone,” said Kendra Allen, a senior studying art education.

One of her first photography projects was on life as a missionary. Her professor, an atheist, liked her work and suggested submitting it to the school’s magazine.

“It inspired me to use photography in a way that could help move others, either spiritually or emotionally,” Allen said. “That was something that really inspired me to want to keep going with it. I feel more confident in my work but I’m still trying to find even more confidence. I think before I wasn’t really aware that the pictures I was taking, I was really connected with. I was just kind of doing it thinking, ‘Oh, this is cool. Oh, this is fun.’ I realized that I could produce something that was personal that could change others, and now I’m more aware of it.”

Allen is now looking into turning her hobby of photography into a side business. “I think I could do it more so as a side career. And even further my personal touch into the lives of others.”

When Allen first transferred to BYU-Idaho, it was a hard transition. Now, her friendships have inspired her to stay here on her off-track.

“I just think there’s something different that’s really special up here,” Allen said.

She found it got easier as she started connecting with friends and seeing the beauty of Rexburg and Idaho.

“I almost just feel that I’m more connected to Heavenly Father, and the actual connections I’ve made with people seem more genuine,” she said.