Students prepare for Battle of the Dance


Students have the chance to watch dancers from around the globe battle it out in the Kirkham Auditorium today at 7 p.m.

“Battle of the Dance is a dance competition that brings together diverse types of dances,” said David Martinez, manager of Battle of the Dance and a sophomore studying business management. “There will be capoeira, a folklore Mexican group, hip-hop, pop, ballet and many more different dance routines.”

Capoeira is a Brazilian blend of martial arts and dancing. According to the origin of this cultural dance derives from escaped Afro-Brazilian slaves as a way of self-defense in the early 16th century.

The majority of the dance routines that will be performed stem from a rich cultural background. This semester, Battle of the Dance plans to highlight these histories by providing historical context to the genres displayed on the stage.

Battle of the Dance has a rich history of its own. According to Student Activities Advisor Dave Nagata, the event has been around since at least 2015. Since its origin, the competition has never failed to draw an audience, but fans of the event and performers alike have missed during semesters when it was cancelled. In Spring Semester 2017, dancers took a hiatus for this reason.

This spring, it is back, and Martinez guarantees there are enough performances to keep audiences more than entertained. There will be eight performances in total. Viewers can expect to see solo performers, couples, as well as several group acts.

“The main reason I am managing this show is because I went last semester,” Martinez said. “It has been my favorite show here on campus. I also know it is a campus favorite.”

Three routines will be awarded at the end of the night for an outstanding performance. The best routine will perform at Best of Show at the end of the semester.

A lucky few have the chance to win tickets by entering a raffle on the event’s Facebook page. Others interested in attending can purchase tickets through the BYU-I Ticket Office or at the door for $3.