The recent update on myBYUI on Feb. 16 surprised students as they acclimated to the new BYU-Idaho homepage.

my BYUI webpage

myBYUI webpage Photo credit: myBYUI

The students found the new home page visually pleasing and more modern than the original home page.

Students also had mixed feelings about the update, but most were positive.

Connor Kunz try's mybyui first time

Connor Kunz tries myBYUI for the first time. Photo credit: Ty Williams

Connor Kunz, a freshman, visited the new BYU-I website for the first time because he had been using the BYU-I infrastructure campus site, also known as Student Canvas.

He discovered the website modes by clicking the profile picture that pops up with a menu, and he found the dark, light and automatic modes at the bottom of the menu.

“I’m going to share it with my roommate,” Kunz said.

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Daphne Shkapich, a junior, shared her experience with the new website.

“I was trying to find my grad plan and it took me a while to find it,” Shkapich said.

She recounted how she found the Grad Planner to her peer, Molly Pollock, by going to the “academic tools” folder and scrolling down to click “show more” to find the Grad Planner.

Shkapich and Pollock rely on the student canvas dashboard site instead of using myBYUI, just as Kunz did.

“It looks more professional than the other one. The other one looked old,” Shkapich said.

Amanda Kindt trying out the new myBYUI.

Amanda Kindt trying out the new myBYUI. Photo credit: Ty Williams

Many students were unprepared for the transition, but once they adjust to the new homepage, it’s a useful resource. Whether it be experienced students or freshmen, the website offers a new perspective.

“It kind of surprised me,” said Amanda Kindt, a student who recently returned from her mission. “I didn’t know they were changing it. I just clicked on the website and they changed it. I like it.

Visit the new BYU-I website homepage to prepare for next semester.