“Being in a band is like being in a family,” said Abigail Taylor, a freshman studying biology.

Taylor is starting her eighth year of playing the French horn.

“My section even does ‘horn family dinners,’ Taylor said. “It helps draw us together as a section, but it’s also really fun.”

In her free time, Taylor loves to watch scary movies with her friends and go on adventures.

“It doesn’t really matter what kind of adventure it is,” Taylor said. “I just like to go out and see where life takes me.”

Since she’s started college, she said the most valuable thing she’s learned is about growing up. Her memories here with her sister largely influenced her decision to attend BYU-Idaho. She struggled at first when her sister left on her mission, but by her next semester, her perspective changed.

“When you leave home, you start to see things differently,” Taylor said. “For me, I realized it was just my time to grow up. I spent my first semester missing my sister so much, but finally, I realized I had to stop reliving my old memories and start making my own.”