This article and photos were by Jenna Schwarz.

Every semester, BYU-Idaho hosts concerts on campus which attract many people. Behind the scenes, there are many teams working together leading up to the concert to make sure the show runs smoothly. AV and lighting techs, crew members and much more all work together to perfect the sound, lighting and video. Travis Leavitt, a senior studying communication and Joshua Neyman, a sophomore studying communication, both ran the AV equipment for Gentri’s concert on Oct. 13, recording a live feed video of the performers which was shown throughout the show.

Travis Leavitt, Senior, Communication

“This is what I want to do for a career, I want to do live shows, so being able to come here and do this gives me experience for the real world so I’m able to prepare better and be ready for my career”

Joshua Neyman, Sophomore, Communication

“I’d say my favorite thing about doing this is that I get to work with stuff that I love to do, I get to work and make things enjoyable for other people, it’s probably my favorite part is that I just get to make things a lot of fun for people”