Written and photographed by Tabby Hearn.

Meet Shana Foley, a freshman studying sociology. Shana recently made the decision to give up her smartphone in exchange for her mother’s flip phone. She is motivated to live a life free from an addiction to a mobile device.

“I gave up my phone for two reasons: for myself, I noticed I was on my phone too much, I used it to escape responsibility and I would just waste time,” Foley said. “Second reason was — and it worked out perfectly — because my mom was already asking about ideas for what iPhone she should buy so she could keep in contact with her family in Africa. So it was really good timing, and it helped me to make the decision.

Once I did, I had to do it that day. Since giving up my phone, I’ve noticed I’ve had more time and am less stressed. Being on my phone would push everything back. Since switching phones, I’ve been able to live life how I want without being tied down by an addiction.”