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A group of BYU-Idaho students in the Students for Liberty organization hosted their biggest event in Idaho at the Romance Theater on March 17.

The event hosted various speakers to openly discuss free markets, free people, advocate classical liberal ideas and engage political discourse. Idaho Rep. Ron Nate and Wolf Von Laer, the CEO of Students for Liberty, were the keynote speakers at the event.

Students For Liberty is a rapidly growing network of pro-liberty students from all over the world. It is an international non-profit organization and is the largest libertarian group in the world. Their mission statement is “to educate, develop and empower the next generation of leaders of liberty.”

Nate discussed his experience in the legislature and how students can make an impact on Capitol Hill. He has taught economics at BYU-I since 2001.

Nate made a comment that in the last four years, he and a few other legislators have had amazing results in reducing government, lowering taxes and expanding freedom. Recently, he co-sponsored constitutional carry expansion, a “stand your ground” bill, and sponsored legislation to encourage firearm safety in public schools throughout Idaho.

Capitalism and the Constitution

“BYU-I has a strong group of conservative, liberty-minded students,” Nate said. “Now they have a place to work together for positive change in our government and policies. Students for Liberty is a powerful organization for students to get involved.”

With about 40 to 60 people in attendance, Chris Harelson decided to run this event in Rexburg to bring more like-minded people together to further the ideas of a free country.

“Capitalism and classical principles are what America is founded on,” Harelson said. “So now we are motivating the rising generation to take action and continue to build a free market and free people.”

Harelson purposely intended for the event to resemble a TED talk because of its motivational purpose. His idea was to motivate people to make societies more harmonious and prosperous.

“Free people and free markets are the best formula for a happy and prosperous society,” Harelson said.

Harelson mentioned the goal of Students for Liberty is to eventually build a base of students that support the idea of free markets not only in Rexburg but in Pocatello, Boise and all over Idaho so students can have a community that inspires positive change.

Students from all over the world who are passionate about the constitution and liberty come together for various conferences throughout the year.


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