Students thoughts on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

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The Department of Agriculture and Life Sciences offers students a chance to major in fields like animal and food science, applied plant science, biology, health services and more.

Here are some students that shared their thoughts about why they chose their major, and what they want to do with their degrees.

“My major is biology, and I chose it because it was something that caught my interest and pushed me to learn more,” said Robert Joseph Niko, a sophomore at BYU-Idaho.

Niko, from Denver, Colorado, enjoys studying science but said that anatomy is what sparked his interest.

“The way the human body is made up is insane and something that we are still learning about today,” Niko said.

Niko said helping people with their health in some way, shape or form has always been his interest.

“I want to become a dentist or at least start with dentist,” Niko said. “I hope later on I can help people with pain or other things and maybe if there is something further I could specialize in then I would do that but anything that could help people out.”

Naomi Zenteno, a BYU-I alumna from Miami, Florida, decided to study public health.

“I figured I’d study something I’m actually good at. I like the medical field, always have. I like the idea of helping others and giving back,” Zenteno said.

Zenteno said she will never get bored studying science.

“What I loved studying was anatomy and physiology,” Zenteno said. “Super interesting material. Learning about the intricate systems behind what it takes for us to even slightly move a limb. It was a lot of information to take in but I found it fascinating.”

Sarafina Vimahi, a sophomore from Euless, Texas, is also studying public health.

“I hope to get into the nursing program,” Vimahi said. “I’ve always had this natural impulse to want to help people in need.”

Vimahi has always loved the feeling of satisfaction when helping someone in need and that’s why she chose to study public health.

“One of the things that I like to learn about is how medicine is being changed because, nowadays, our knowledge of medicine and how it can be used has grown so much,” Vimahi said. “With my degree, I want to be able to work in different departments of hospitals like the ER, labor and delivery, pediatrics, etc.”

Patricio Ortiz, a junior studying agronomy, grew up around the agronomy world with his dad.

“The most interesting part is about how agricultural production is global,” Ortiz said. “Issues with corn in Brazil could affect the whole world and the prices.”

Mitch Wayment, a junior studying agronomy, also grew up around the agronomy environment and feels that by going into a field of study he loves, he’ll never work a day in his life.

“There’s a lot I don’t understand… but I enjoy learning everything in my major,” Wayment said. “I love how I’am able to learn in class and then get to go out in the field and get experience.”

For anyone looking to go into agronomy, Wayment advises students to take what you learn and apply it, either in internships or jobs, and to be confident.

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