The Idaho Potato Museum in Blackfoot, Idaho, has everything from a potato god to potato chips. They have the Inca history of potatoes and the modern history of potatoes. They have superheroes and super toys. The only thing they are missing is the hobbit, Samwise Gamgee.

“It’s a good thing this isn’t a corn museum,” said Wyatt Furrows, a sophomore studying mechanical engineering. “Because if it was, I’d be making fun of how corny it is.”

When you walk into the museum, Marilyn Monroe stands the front and center wearing a potato sack dress. According to American Digest, a female columnist chastised Monroe, called her cheap and vulgar, then said she’d look better in a potato sack. 20th Century Fox capitalized on that and put Monroe in a potato sack “just to prove she would look sexy in anything.”

“It was cool how much information they had,” said Jaslyn Kenyon, a freshman studying English. “But, the way they presented it was funny, like talking about the potato god.”

According to Wikipedia, Axomamma, the Inca potato god which also means potato mother, claimed an important part of Inca religion because Inca harvests focused on potatoes.

In the museum, they utilized a room to teach about a series of comic books that served as a marketing strategy to increase Idaho potato sales. The Idaho Potato Commission started the campaign, whose storyline consisted of a group of superheroes that got their superpowers from an exploding microwave. They published seven different books with several YouTube videos.

Mr. Potato Head’s continuing popularity surprised Furrows when he said, “I didn’t realize how many nowadays versions there are.”

Frylo Ren Potato Heads, Storm Troopers, all the Marvel heroes and many others line the shelves of the museum. They even have a derby track for the purpose of racing Mr. Potato Head shaped cars.

The Museum also displays the world’s largest potato chip, made June 3, 1991. The chip measures 25 inches by 14 inches.

When leaving the museum and passing through their café, the menu only includes potato based products, with soda as their only exception. They sell chocolate covered potato chips, potato-based cupcakes, ice cream, fries, various baked potatoes, potato soup, chocolate milk and more.

Their gift shop will give a free mashed potato mix at the end of the tour. They also sell Axomamma pins, potato guns, shot glasses and many other potato products.