Support live music and local venues: three bands to play at the Basement next Saturday

Photo Courtesy of Alix Hess (From left to right) Duncan McKay, bassist; Alec Whitaker, lead singer and guitarist; Sean Rostrom, drummer Photo credit: Alix Hess

Several local bands — Rally, Elyjah Tribe and the 70s Wet, and the Opskamatrists — will play at Rexburg’s concert venue, The Basement, on Saturday, Feb. 27 at 7:30 p.m.

Tickets are $7 at presale and $10 at the door. Tickets can be purchased here.

According to the Elyjah Tribe and the 70s Wet Instagram page, their genre is a fusion of “Reggae, RnB, Neo Soul, Jazz & Alternative Rock.” The Opskamatrists label their music as “Idaho Ska/Reggae/Punk.” Rally’s music is an upbeat Indie Pop genre.

“They’ve all played here before, and we love them,” said Riley Bode, manager of the Basement in an interview with Scroll. “Elyjah is so talented, the Opskamatrists always put on such a fun show, and then Rally left me downloading all of their songs.”

Rally, a band from Orem, Utah, shared their experience from the last time they played in Rexburg.

“Right after our set ended, we felt even more eager to get back and play again,” said Alec Whitaker, the lead singer and guitarist of Rally. “The energy of Rexburg is one like no other, and we’re stoked to finally be coming back.”

Because of COVID-19, many concert venues have been shut down, causing bands to lose opportunities to publicly perform their music. The Basement continues to have comedy shows, concerts and open mic nights to encourage live performance in Rexburg.

Bode emphasized the importance of supporting live music, especially during the pandemic.

“That’s why I love supporting local bands,” Bode said. “You bring people in and let them hear the hearts of the bands, and a lot of times, they leave downloading all their music or begging them to come back so they can experience it again.”

All of The Basement’s future events can be found on their website.

The Basement follows safety precautions and requires masks for all events.