Suspected Austin serial bomber triggers explosion killing himself


The man suspected to be the Austin serial bomber is dead from triggering an explosion in his car as the police moved in on his vehicle early Wednesday morning.

Police identified Mark Conditt as their top suspect for the string of deadly bombings occurring in and around Austin, Texas this month, according to NPR a federal law enforcement source has confirmed to member station KUT in Austin.

As police officers moved in on his vehicle early Wednesday morning to make the arrest, the man triggered an explosion in his car, killing himself, according to NPR.

Earlier this morning, police identified the suspect as a 24-year-old while male, but police records now suggest that Conditt was 23 at the time of his death. According to the New York Timeslaw enforcement had not ruled out the possibility that Conditt had accomplices.

The suspect is believed to be responsible for at least six bombs. Five bombs detonated since the attacks started on March 2 and killed at least two people and injured five. The sixth bomb was found unexploded in a FedEx facility near Austin.

President Trump in a tweet congratulated law enforcement when the news broke, saying, “AUSTIN BOMBING SUSPECT IS DEAD. Great job by law enforcement and all concerned! ”

The mayor of Austin, Steve Adler cautioned the city to be wary of packages because of the chance the suspect may have planted more bombs before his death.