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Idaho earthquakes: not if, but when

Idaho's earthquakes in March shook residents all over the state.

Nepalese student stays updated after earthquake

Nischal Shrestha, a freshman studying communication, grew up in Kathmandu, the capitol of Nepal. He lived in Nepal for 22 years before serving a mission...

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Police log: From gift card creepers to bedroom peepers

Police took a report of fingerprints found outside a bedroom window.

Balance only the gifted will know

Rolling wheels? More like falling heels.

Devotional cover: How to overcome the ‘mountains’ in our lives

Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, a General Authority Seventy, and his wife, Amy Jaggi, shared a message of hope during devotional.

Breaking news: Kyler Miskin, Rexburg drive-by shooter, sentenced to 5-year incarceration

Kyler Miskin appeared before Judge Boyce who sentenced him according to the felony crime of a Rexburg drive-by shooting in 2020.