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US has great responsibility to help

We at Scroll believe that if the United States wants to be the great nation that it strives to be, then as a nation, the United States must assist and help other nations become great as well.

Dissension: We don’t need the federal government doing our job

It’s not that we shouldn’t help, it’s that we shouldn’t let a corruptible, bureaucratic government help in our stead. The Founding Fathers wanted us to put our money, time and resource where we wanted and not allow the government to call the shots.

Software issues continue to affect financial aid

Financial Aid sent an Official Notice regarding their new software system and that the current issues are being resolved.

Student helps LDS family in Pakistan

A suicide bomber in Pakistan has left an LDS family living in Pakistan, without a home. Skyler Swartz, a sophomore studying sociology, is raising...

Wildfires burn out of control in Washington

Due to high temperatures and strong winds, an out-of-control wildfire burned about 4,000 acres in Wenatchee, Washington Sunday afternoon, according to The Weather Channel. The...

I-News 7-16-09

I-News 7-9-09

Slam Dunk For Humanitarian Aid

The Dikembe Mutombo Foundation (DMF) and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have joined together in providing humanitarian aid for citizens of...

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BREAKING NEWS: Field by Towers I parking lot catches on fire

Police are still investigating the incident.

EDITORIAL: All caffeine, no campus — a deeper look at caffeine at BYU-Idaho

BYU-I's refusal to sell any caffeinated products does not match student consumer habits or current Church teachings — we at Scroll request a policy redaction.

Shoshone-Bannock Tribes contend with COVID-19

Twenty-one deaths due to COVID-19 have been reported from the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes in Fort Hall, Idaho.

Living with mental illness as a BYU-I student

Putting on a face to appear strong has become my new normal.