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Student rescued from near drowning: High river levels increase swimming danger

An unidentified BYU-Idaho student was resuscitated July 1 after almost drowning near Twin Bridges. Due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, names...

Fighting cancer by taking to the track

The community of Rexburg came out in support of the 6-hour long event, Relay for Life.

Strict rules enforced at the sand dunes

St. Anthony Sand Dunes need to be protected and visitors need to follow the rules.

Eclipse visitors rent student housing

Many apartments that house students will open up housing possibilities to eclipse visitors.

Millennials prone to financial woes

Millennials face different sorts of struggles; one of which being finances.

Rexburg: safest city?

A recent report announced that Rexburg was nominated one of the safest cities in Idaho.

Wellness fair helps heal in Rexburg

The wellness fair is a community event for anyone to explore their own health.

Nonprofit: Sleep in Heavenly Peace is giving back to families in Rexburg

An organization, located here in Rexburg, aims to reduce the number of children that do not sleep in beds.

Reality check: Trump finishes first 100 days

As Trump's 100 days in office approaches, students and professors give their opinion of how Trump has been so far.

In-depth: Video voyeurism suspect pleads guilty to felony charge

Story by Anna Rogers and Sydney Jensen Editor's Note: Since publishing, it's come to our attention that some corrections needed to be made. In accordance...

Miscarriage: Handling the heartache. Burial sites provided for stillborn children

Madison Memorial Hospital has started a program called Angel Babies for mothers that miscarry.

Mormon and Gay: Reconciling Faith and Sexuality

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently updated its website, mormonandgay.lds.org, gain a better understanding of same-gender attraction and to help people learn about the Church’s official stances and beliefs, which are that sexual

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Column: Line upon line — How continuing revelation prepared the Church for the pandemic

Sometimes miracles pass by unnoticed, but recent calamities have underscored the blessings and preparations of the Latter-day Church.

Column: Must-dos for your must-do adventure

Everyone is going to Goldbug Hot Springs! This is all you have to do to plan your trip.

Rexburg Airport hosting airshow this weekend

The Rexburg airport will have a free air show event June 19.

Juneteenth is signed into law as a national holiday

On June 17, 2021, President Joe Biden established Juneteenth as a federal holiday.