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911 iOS 12 update: A matter of life or death

For anyone calling 911, it can be a scary thought. The advancement of technology has made it not so scary though, so you can put your mind at ease.

Is Siri a Spy? Terms and conditions may apply and place privacy at risk

Many individuals share odd stories and experiences that can make one wonder, can my phone hear me? Does it listen to my conversations?

Is the lawsuit singling Apple Inc. out?

On Jan. 17, Julio Ceja filed a class action lawsuit against Apple Inc. Mr. Ceja was involved in a car accident caused by a person texting and driving.

Apple anounces iOS 10

Apple announced today, June 13, the new iOS 10 at the Worldwide Developers Conferences in San Francisco.

Apple vs. FBI: an issue of our privacy

Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook is opposing a federal court order to help the FBI unlock the iPhone that was used by one of...

Members create helpful Gospel aid apps

LDS Living released an article written by Jake Healey suggesting 10 apps that can help members live the gospel. Healey stated that while most know...

Professor creates interactive children’s books

Russell Shaffer, a professor in the English department, is currently working on a few projects of his own in the world of literature. “I am...

Apple announces new virtual wallet app

On Oct. 20, Apple announced the release of their new app Apple Pay. According to the Apple website, the app is an easy and secure way to...

Entrepreneurs compete for winning idea

Rexburg will hold its fourth annual Business Competition Nov. 14, which includes competitors from BYU-Idaho, local businesses and high school students. Scott Johnson, Rexburg’s director of...

New iPhone: just as cool as the last one

The new iPhone was released last week, causing millions of hipsters everywhere to wet their vintage underwear with joy. In case you are one...

Tuesday Update for November 27, 2012

Andrea Olson and William Cook tell you the facts about Black Friday Weekend 2012.

Scroll Digital Monday Update June 11, 2012

On this Scroll Digital Monday Update, Apple unveils a new operating system for its mobile devices and its Mac computers. Plans unveiled for the...

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Sports activities on the rise

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Blood saves lives

Are you too scared of needles? Do you not see the point in being a part of the donating process?

Devotional preview: 4 ways to live a happier life

In her devotional, Kristin Ballou will discuss the importance of trusting in the Lord and share four suggestions to live a happier life.

Rexburg celebrates the new federal holiday, Juneteenth

Find out why hundreds celebrated at Porter Park on June 19.