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Masked men and plastic guns: ROTC preps cadets for combat

What had been a peaceful conversation, turned into a whirlwind of chaos as enemies in bloody white masks stormed out of the nearby woods.

Let us not forget freedom

While the election season has passed, I hope to fulfill Maj. Taylor's final wish and remember my freedom living in America.

WATCH: ROTC students excelled at Ranger Competition

On Nov. 3 and 4, ROTC students at BYU-Idaho participated in the Ranger Competition, which was located at the Gowen Field, an air force base near Boise.

Army allows religious exemptions to uniform regulations

The new rule will make it possible for Brigade commanders to grant permission for religious persons such as Sikhs, Muslims and others to wear turbans, beards, headscarves and other symbols of religious devotion The Wall Street Journal reported.

Blackhawk helicopters in Rexburg: ROTC cadets take off for two day training

Dust billowed around dozens of cadets watching three Blackhawk helicopters slowly land across the street from the Rexburg temple on Oct.21 at 10 a.m. Cadet Cameron...

What veterans hope you think about this Memorial Day

Veterans working at BYU-Idaho share what they think about when Memorial Day comes around and what they hope those not enlisted in the military will think as well.

Women are recruited for military combat positions

Military services are beginning to recruit women in combat positions.

United States Army to cut 40,000 troops

The United States plans to cut 40,000 Army troops within the next two years, and possibly more,  if the cut doesn’t produce the cost...

Cadets simulate attack on Henry’s Fork

On April 30, BYU-Idaho’s Army ROTC conducted a simulated raid to kill or capture three high-value enemy targets. The targets were camped along the Teton...

Trainees prepare for Army assessment

BYU-Idaho’s Reserve Officer Training Core (ROTC) program will send its students to the Leadership Development Assessment Course (LDAC) in June at Fort Lewis, Wash. The...

ROTC prepares students for Army life

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at BYU-Idaho prepares students to serve in the United States Army. The ROTC, established in 1926, is an organization...

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Police log: From gift card creepers to bedroom peepers

Police took a report of fingerprints found outside a bedroom window.

Balance only the gifted will know

Rolling wheels? More like falling heels.

Devotional cover: How to overcome the ‘mountains’ in our lives

Elder Jeremy R. Jaggi, a General Authority Seventy, and his wife, Amy Jaggi, shared a message of hope during devotional.

Breaking news: Kyler Miskin, Rexburg drive-by shooter, sentenced to 5-year incarceration

Kyler Miskin appeared before Judge Boyce who sentenced him according to the felony crime of a Rexburg drive-by shooting in 2020.