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The balloon team, extending your limit beyond the sky

The High Altitude Research Team has been preparing to launch another balloon into the atmosphere.

Eclipse Update: Students conduct solar eclipse experiments

Students at BYU-Idaho will be conducting a few experiments to gather data during the solar eclipse.

Shake Out strums out the day with mic night

Thursday night at Shake Out gets a little noisy thanks to mic night. Starting at 8 p.m., mic night is a free and open event...

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Sports activities on the rise

As restrictions ease and case numbers fall, sports activities are increasing in number.

Blood saves lives

Are you too scared of needles? Do you not see the point in being a part of the donating process?

Devotional preview: 4 ways to live a happier life

In her devotional, Kristin Ballou will discuss the importance of trusting in the Lord and share four suggestions to live a happier life.

Rexburg celebrates the new federal holiday, Juneteenth

Find out why hundreds celebrated at Porter Park on June 19.