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Testing… 1, 2, 3, testing

After rocking around the Rockies, Sound Check comes to Rexburg for the Barbershop Music Festival.

Four parts make one harmony

Whether it's blues or pop, these quartets can Doo-wop it.

The history of barbershop singing

The Barbershop Festival allows others to participate in the history of barbershop singing.

International champions headline Barbershop Quartet Festival

Saturday night’s Barbershop Quartet Festival at BYU-Idaho included Peter Pan costumes, a kiss on stage and a pie in the face.

Center Stage Calendar- Winter 2019 Semester

A sneak peak at the Center Stage events coming to campus this winter semester

Center Stage performances to look forward to this semester

BYU-Idaho provides some more events for students to attend right on campus.

Bringing Vocal Spectrum back to BYU-I

Vocal Spectrum is returning to the Barbershop Music Festival on Feb. 20. BYU-Idaho Men’s Choir, Women’s Choir, student quartets and the Carousel Chorus will also...

Barbershop warbles in the Kirkham

High school and university gros performed along with Barbershop International Quartet Championship winners OC Times and Ringmasters at the Barbershop Music Festival in the...

Barbershop featured Vocal Spectrum

Vocal Spectrum headlined this year’s BYU-Idaho Barbershop Music Festival Feb. 2 in the Ruth H. Barrus Concert Hall. Other gros that performed included the BYU-I...

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