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Rexburg Blood Drive

Are you interested in donating blood for those in need?

Students donate blood at the BYU-Idaho Center

American Red Cross holds its first two blood drive of the semester.

Give blood, give life

How to save a life in 10 minutes with the American Red Cross in February.

How to save a life (or three)!

The Red Cross is returning to BYU-I for another blood drive, and your donation can make a difference, perhaps bigger than you might have expected.

WATCH: Red Cross blood-drive comes to BYU-I

Each semester, student volunteers collaborate with the Red Cross in order to organize a blood drive. For six days, students and community can come...

Keep calm and donate blood: How students can make a difference during tragedies

BYU-Idaho is hosting a blood drive at the end of June. With recent Zika virus outbreaks, Joshua Unger helps students to know whether or not they are eligible to donate blood and how else they can help.

University hosts student blood drive

BYU-Idaho hosted its most recent American Red Cross blood drive June 3-12. Every two seconds, a United States citizen is in need of blood, according...

New Red Cross apps help volunteer efforts

  This year, new iPhone and Android apps from American Red Cross have provided a way for people all over the world to become more...

Blood Drive

Many students come out every time the American Red Cross blood drive comes around to donate a pint of their blood as a service...

Scroll Digital Update: March 7, 2014

On this week's Scroll Digital, we show you how some students are getting great deals. Plus, some students are giving a little of themselves...

Scroll Digital Tuesday Update November 6th, 2012

On this edition of Scroll Digital, Steffany Gilbert and William Cook tells us about the curious blue poles scattered around campus and how students...

Students Help To End Blood Shortage

Our nation is experiencing a serious blood shortage. But students came to the Taylor overflow to sport the American Red Cross's blood drive and...

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